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Questions For And Answers From Kathleen Boddington (Esther)


1.  When did you know you wanted to be an actor?  

When I was about 5! I loved to use my imagination and loved to put on shows with my friends even if it was just for ourselves.


2.  What are some of your career highlights? 

A print job in the Grand Canyon! Being the lead on "Evil Lives Here" - The Dirty John episode. Having my film "Devil's Prey" stream on Amazon!


3.  What has acting taught you?

Acting has taught me confidence and to understand humanity. 


4.  Do you prefer one medium to another?

I love both for different things. I love theatre for the live energy rush. I love film for the storytelling and how beautiful it can end up on screen and reach so many people. 


5.  What are your passion projects or hobbies outside of acting?

I love animals and Taekwondo. I am a part-time cat sitter and take Taekwondo. I am now a Green Belt!


6.  Is there a teacher, acting or otherwise, who has inspired you?

Anthony Robert Grasso is my teacher now and a very good friend as well. Inspires me with his persistence, dedication and work ethic. I also love Uta Hagen. And Larry Moss.


7. Do you have any particularly distinctive special skills?

 I do Taekwondo and Yoga!

8. Do you have a favorite blog/site where you like to learn about what's going on in the entertainment industry?

I usually hear about Industry goings on through Facebook and Instagram.


9. Have you ever taken on another position besides acting in the entertainment business?

I was an Executive Assistant for many years.        


10. Do you have a dream role?  

My dream role is to play a strong woman but very unassuming who then turns out to be a badass fighting for justice! Especially one where I could show off my martial arts skills!!!

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