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John Cramer


EDITOR/Executive producer

I’m an actor and creator based in New York City. I bring with me the experience of having worked on hundreds of sets for TV, film, and commercial projects.  Over that time, I’ve learned from some of the best in the business, like Jodie Foster and Bob Krakower.


The foundation for all I do, however, was formed in my previous professional life as a middle and high school teacher and in my current personal life as a father to two young sons. In other words, my ability to stay calm and perform under pressure was formed in the crucible of caring for adolescents and my own kids.


Projects I’ve created include: “Head Life Coach” (writer, star, director, editor, producer), “Channeled” (writer, star, director, producer), “You’re Never Ready” (writer, star, editor, producer), “Mantors” (writer, star, shooter, director, editor, producer), and  “I Got You Bro” (writer, star, producer).


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